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Acepac Int'l (S) Pte Ltd
Adhesive Paper Adhesive Tapes
Adhesives Adhesives: Apoxy
Air Bubble Air Bubble Bags
Air Bubble Envelopes Air Bubble Packaging Material
Aluminium Foil Tapes Aluminium Tapes
Anti-static Bags Bags
Bags: Air Bubble Bags: Anti-static
Bags: Garbage, Trash, Rubbish Bags: Moisture Barrier
Bags: Plastic Bags: Plastic Carrier Shopping
Bags: Plastic Singlet Shopping Bags: Polyethylene
Bags: Polypropylene Bar Code Labels
Boxes: Plastic Cables: Flat
Cables: Ribbon Cables: Ribbon
Carton Sealing Tapes Cloth Tapes
Collapsible Pallets Containers: Plastic
Copper Tapes Die Cutting Service
Die: Cutting Service Double Coated & Double Sided Tape
Electrical Insulating Tapes Electrical Insulating: Tapes
Envelopes: Air Bubble Envelopes: Padded
Envelopes: Self-adhesive Packing List Fabricators: Plastic
Fasteners: Plastic Fasteners: Plastic
Filament Tapes Film: Polyethylene
Film: Polyethylene Film: Polyvinyl Chloride
Film: Polyvinyl-chloride Flat Cables
Flexible Packaging Materials Foam Tapes
Foam: Polyethylene Foam: Polyurethane
Food Packaging Materials Garbage Bags
Gaskets Gaskets
Glue Glue
Glue Grinders : Belt
Grinding Machines: Internal Hotel & Motel Equipment & Supplies
Kraft Paper Tapes Labels
Labels: Bar Code Labels: Paper
Labels: Self-adhesive Masking Tapes
Moisture Barrier Bags Packaging Bags: Pe Zipper
Packaging Film Packaging Film: Pallet Stretch
Packaging Film: Pe Shrink Packaging Film: Polyolefin Shrink
Packaging Film: Pvc Shrink Packaging Materials
Packaging Materials: Air Bubble Packaging Materials: Flexible
Packaging Materials: Food Packaging Materials: Polyester
Packaging Materials: Polyethylene Foam Packaging Materials: Polyurethane Foam
Packaging Materials: Shrink Bags Packaging Materials: Vacuum Pouches
Packaging Tapes Packaging Trays
Packings : Plastic Packings: Plastic
Padded Envelopes Palletainers
Pallets Pallets: Collapsible
Pallets: Plastic Paper Gummed Tapes
Paper Labels Pcb
Pcb Pe Shrink Packaging Film
Pe Zipper Packaging Bag Plastic Bags
Plastic Boxes Plastic Carrier Shopping Bags
Plastic Containers Plastic Fabricators
Plastic Fabrics, Film, Sheets, Rods, Etc Plastic Fasteners
Plastic Film: Polycarbonate Plastic Film: Polyester
Plastic Film: Polyethylene Plastic Film: Polyimide
Plastic Film: Polypropylene Plastic Film: Polyvinyl Chloride
Plastic Foam Plastic Packings
Plastic Pallets Plastic Sheets
Plastic Singlet Shopping Bags Plotters : Pcb
Plotters: Pcb Polycarbonate Film
Polyester Film Polyester Packaging Materials
Polyethylene Bags Polyethylene Film
Polyethylene Foam Polyethylene Foam Packaging Material
Polyethylene Foam Products Polyethylene Tapes
Polyfoam Polyimide Film
Polyolefin Shrink Packaging Film Polypropylene Bags
Polypropylene Film Polypropylene Tapes
Polyurethane Foam Polyurethane Foam Packaging Material
Polyvinyl Chloride Film Pressure Sensitive Tapes
Printed Circuit Boards Printed Circuit Boards
Printed Circuit Tapes Printed Circuit Tapes
Pvc Shrink Packaging Film Pvc Tapes
Ribbon Cables Rubbish Bags
Seals: Security Security Seals
Self-adhesive Labels Self-adhesive Packing List Envelopes
Shrink Bags Shrink Bags Packaging Material
Stickers Strapping Tapes
Surface Protection Tapes Tapes
Tapes: Adhesive Tapes: Aluminium Foil
Tapes: Carton Sealing Tapes: Cloth
Tapes: Copper Tapes: Double Coated, Double Sided
Tapes: Electrical Insulating Tapes: Filament
Tapes: Foam Tapes: Kraft Paper
Tapes: Masking Tapes: Packaging
Tapes: Paper Gummed Tapes: Polyethylene
Tapes: Polypropylene Tapes: Pressure Sensitive
Tapes: Printed Circuit Tapes: Pvc
Tapes: Strapping Tapes: Surface Protection
Tapes: Teflon Teflon Tapes
Trash Bags Trays: Packaging
Vacuum : Pouches Vacuum Pouches
Vacuum Pouches Packaging Material

48, Toh Guan Rd East
#06-109/110, Enterprise Hub
Singapore 608586
Tel : 68722766
Fax : 68722966
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